Written and illustrated
by Jamie Harper

"Harper's playful, comics-style artwork employs traditional and digital collage. The opening spread poses these moms together as if waiting to soar (à la Superman) off the page. Speech balloons permit these cheeky children and moms to remark about the scenes depicted, and formal text is kept minimal, allowing the colorful art and humorous commentary to take center stage, as when female elephants (allomothers) form a circle ('Bums together, ladies!') around a young calf ('Is this really necessary?'). Appended with further information and resources, this will be popular with browsers and intriguing for primary science units."

— Booklist

“This lively riff on superheroes, the first in a projected new series of science books, explores the mothering habits of 18 different animal species. . . . For youngsters who like learning about the animal kingdom, this work offers a pleasing variety. . . . For Mother’s Day or any day, an appealing take on animal factoids.”

— Kirkus Reviews

“Harper’s textured digital and traditional collages, presented in panels throughout, portray the wildlife with big personalities . . . . Most of the creatures’ efforts have a true wow factor that, combined with comedic commentary throughout, results in a super silly tribute to supermoms.”

— Publishers Weekly